SINGLETON  VETERANS  GOLF   Monday 7th of June 2021


48 players; 42 men and 6 ladies teed off in the Veterans Stableford event.


($50) Men’s Winner:  with a score of 38 was Graeme Toohey


($30)Men’s runner up:  with a score of 37 was Allan Cruickshanks     


($10) Men’s third place:  with a score of 35 was Ross Kemp


($20) Ladies Winner:  with a score of 34 was Shanelle Thomas



N.T.P.     2nd/11th     Men (Tony Janssen GIO) Ray Langdon

                                 Ladies (Hello World) NOT WON

               6th/15th     Men   (Molly’s Seafood) John Bray   

                               Ladies (Singleton Bulk Landscaping) NOT WON                                    

               9th/18th    Men (Trunks Gourmet Meats) John Bray  

                               Ladies (Shaddock Real Estate) Shanelle Thomas


Encouragement Award:   went to Phillip Tout 15             


Best Front 9: Gary Edwards 20


Best Back 9: Geoff Payne 20


Ball Comp Winners Men: 29 c/b to receive a ball.

Keith Carter 35, Geoff Payne 34, Paul Burke 33, Gary Edwards 33,

Peter Boland 32, Ray Langdon 32, Brad Gardiner 32, John Bray 31,

Brian Payton 31, Jeff Power 31, Paul Moulds 31, Bryan Stevenson 31,

Col Curnow 31, Garry Croker 29.


Ball Comp Winners Ladies: 26 to receive a ball.

Helen Castledine 27, Margaret Burke 26.